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Enabling SharePoint Syntex

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SharePoint Syntex is now in GA and available for purchase for $5 user/month with an annual commitment. You can explore SharePoint Syntex on your own by activating a free trial for 30 days on your tenant.

I honestly don’t know what happens if the trial period ends. We will see.

Any user with access to a Syntex-enabled site and any user that uses a SharePoint Syntex feature needs to be licensed. During the setup, you can choose to enable all of your SharePoint Online Sites or only a few chosen ones.

The bottom line for licensing: Users with access to a SharePoint Syntex enabled site (including the SharePoint Syntex Content Center) have to have a SharePoint Syntex license associated.

To use forms processing (a SharePoint Syntex feature) you’ll need AI Builder credits. With 300 licenses and more you get credits for free. With fewer licenses, you need to buy AI Builder credits separately.

So, let’s not lose any more words and activate SharePoint Syntex.

🐣The enabling

  1. Navigate to https://admin.microsoft.com
  2. Click on “Setup” in the left navigation
  3. Scroll to “Automate content understanding” and hit it
  4. The next page lets you activate Syntex
  5. Follow the wizard and you’re done

I’ll write more blog posts about my experiences with SharePoint Syntex in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for reading and see you soon.

Further reading on licensing and the setup process: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/contentunderstanding/set-up-content-understanding