Hello you! My name is Kai Boschung-Schaad and I live with my girl Dominique and our dog Nikita close to Bern, Switzerland. 

I’m an experienced Microsoft Cloud Engineer with the allure of digging into many rabbit holes. Azure Governance and platform engineering, Terraform development, SharePoint migrations and automation are a few of those rabbity holes🐰

Ah, and I founded together with compadres the IoT consulting firm appery.

My Skills


Azure is a paradise, everything on your finger tips. And then… then comes the mess. That’s why I focus on Azure Platform Governance first. Then comes Automate everything that’s worth it. And the endgame is then to implement new or old services on Azure itself. I have experience with IoT Services, Azure Functions, Web Apps and many more.


I speak SharePoint since many years. We had our ups and downs. But the friendship stayed strong between automated migrations with ShareGate, automation of sync jobs and business processes, and implementing intranets in SPO.


I had jobs in SharePoint Engineering, Operations and Development and understand all sides involved in DevOps processes. I like to work with Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, and Terraform. Who would have something against infrastructure defined as code?


I studied “Mobile Computing” and had always a fascination for things that improve REAL processes. That’s why we founded appery where we prototype with arduino, work with IoT Edge to detect faulty pieces in a factory and use LoRa and other radio technologies to transport the sensor data.


Today GitHub Copilot does the heavy lifting for me. But still, my skills in PowerShell, C#, JS and API design are needed to come from working code to working software. My sweet spot, where I can bundle my experience from M365, Azure and Entra, is everything that runs on Azure and targets M365 products through an Entra ID authentication through the Microsoft Graph API.

Who I worked for in the past or to this day

University of Berne
SharePoint Engineering
Azure Consulting

Alfred-Müller AG
SharePoint Engineering
Azure Automation

Swiss National Science Foundation
SharePoint Engineering
Azure Governance & Platform Engineering


Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty

Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate

Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator Associate