The Craftmanship of IT Engineering

Engineering is an art. An art that’s to be learned, cultivated and mastered. This takes time and practice. So many pitfalls to avoid if you want to work successfully with the operations team, security officer and IT decision maker. Pitfalls like creating a mess in Azure by not governing it properly, forget to clean-up the test environment, choosing the wrong SKU for Azure services, forgot to optimize licensing in M365, didn’t implement conditional access. I could name many more but want to emphasize that it’s exactly the errors we make from what we should learn.

Through life long learning we can come close to mastering a craftmanship. And that’s the path I want to continue to go down. I provide honest consulting work and will always tell what we could do to improve. To then ultimately close the gap between today and your long-term goals.

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Kai Boschung


Kai ist stets positiv und hat die passende “geht nicht, gibts nicht”-Einstellung.



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