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PowerShell Window

Styling the SuiteBar via PowerShell in SharePoint 2016

A customer of mine had some requirements concerning the style of the SuiteBar. That’s the black line in the top of the screenshot below. The premises were to not use JavaScript or Master Page customizations.

Only option was using PowerShell.

I got the SPWebApplication object by doing this:

$wa = Get-SPWebApplication "https://name"

And those are my findings:

  • SuiteBarBrandingElementHtml does nothing for the SharePoint 2016 Master Page. It probably can be used for the SharePoint 2013 Mager Page.
  • SuiteNavBrandingLogoNavigationUrl is the link of the SuiteNavBrandingText “KAI” and the SuiteNavBrandingLogo. The links can’t be customized individually.
  • SuiteNavBrandingLogoUrl is the URL to the logo to display. The location on the page can’t be customized via PowerShell.
  • SuiteNavBrandingLogoTitle is the title property of the logo (<img title=”LOGOTITLE” src=”imgsrc.png”>).
  • SuiteNavBrandingText is displayed to the left.


The customization abilities via PowerShell are very limited. From my point of view it would be best to just use JavaScript and CSS in a custom Mager Page. We might do that for this particular customer, since he wants to change some tiles in the tiles menu as well. The tiles menu is the one that opens when you click on the menu left of “KAI”.


It’s possible to add custom tiles to the tiles menu. However it’s not possible to change or delete the existing ones. Also you can’t add custom tiles before the out-ot-the-box ones. Here you find more about this topic.